May is often seen as the best time to knock out some gardening jobs, but in June, there are plenty of things you can still be doing to keep everything up to top-notch quality. Here are 10 things you can do in your garden in June. Let’s be honest, you’re looking for ways to spend more time there anyway!

10 Things You Can Do in Your Garden in June

Pot some Flowers

Ground planting might be done, but it doesn’t have to be the end of new flowers in your garden! Buy some pots and plant flowers on the walkway, porch, or other places in the front yard to keep the beauty spreading!

Compost the Brown Out of your Yard

Take anything from twigs, leaves, and even old dead plants and compost them to make mulch. You might not have enough to use across your entire garden, but a little at least can get reused instead of thrown away!

Secure Some Shrubs

Like flowers, a pot can be a great home for some shrubs. Get some going in a pot now and watch them grow all season long!

Clean Up your Plants

Beheading your plants gives them a cleaner look. Plus, it allows them to grow evenly thanks to nutrients not being wasted on pesky stray stems.

Add Some Annuals

Flowers don’t have to stop growing in the summer. Plant annuals now to watch them grow all year long, and well into the cooler fall months.

Rose Care

Pruning your roses can likely help them grow once more after their initial bloom. Taking the time now could yield you another round of this beautiful flower.

Weeds Have to Go

Weeds are going to sprout back up this month with a vengeance. Make sure to get rid of them right away to avoid issues with the ground and your more pretty plants.

Replenish Herbs

As you grab herbs out of the ground, make sure to replace them. You can likely harvest some now that were planted earlier this spring and get some new ones before the end of summer.

Tomatoes Time to Shine

Tomatoes thrive this time of year when they get planted in June. Give them their time to shine and put some seeds in the ground now for a great summer salsa or garnish later this season.

Stake your Plants Now

Weather gets wild with plant life, and staking your garden now keeps the growing parts of your pants a little space to expand. This helps to avoid a fight for space on the ground, which can damage other plants.


June is no month off for you and your garden. Take these 10 tips for the month and get to work!

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