As the bright colors of summer slowly fade, Fall comes along a time of change and growth. It’s time to start preparing your yard for the cooler months. The air is getting crisp, and leaves are beginning to cover the ground. The steps in this guide will help you clean up your yard entirely in the Fall, making your outdoor space a cozy and welcoming place.

Embrace the Colors:

Taking in the beautiful colors that Fall brings is the first thing that will help you feel better. Take a walk through your yard and enjoy the changing colors of the trees. To get ready for the Fall, start by putting leaves into bags that can be composted or starting a waste pile. This not only keeps your yard clean, but it also gives your garden good organic matter.

Trim and Prune:

Now that the growing season is over, give your trees and shrubs extra love by trimming and cutting them well. Get rid of dead or broken twigs so the tree grows back healthy in the spring. Also, cutting back trees and shrubs that are getting too big will help keep things looking neat and keep you safe during winter storms.

Lawn Care:

A lush green lawn is an essential part of a cozy outdoor space. Take the time to care for your yard before it gets cold in the winter. Pick up the dropped leaves, break up the earth to let more air in, and cover bare spots. A well-kept yard looks nice and keeps dirt from washing away when rain or snow melts.

Garden Cleanup:

Clear out your garden of useless annuals and cut back on perennials to say goodbye to your summer blooms. Remove any weeds before the inactive season so they don’t take over. You might want to add a layer of mulch to protect the dirt and keep your plants warm. These things not only make your yard look better, but they also help keep the dirt wet.

Outdoor Furniture and Decor:

During the winter, store or cover your outdoor furniture to make it last longer. To keep mold and mildew from growing, clean seats and umbrellas before putting them away. As you prepare for cooler weather, consider adding lanterns, pumpkins, and other warm-toned decorations to make the space feel more welcoming.

Clean and Inspect:

Take a better look at the things you have outside. Clear out the gutters so they don’t get clogged and cause damage. Check your fence to see if it needs any fixes, and if it does, use a protected sealer. As the days get shorter, make sure that the outdoor lighting is working so that it feels friendly and inviting.

Compost and Recycle:

Composting the organic waste from your yard cleanup is an eco-friendly choice. Use dead plants, leaves, and other organic matter to make a waste pile. Recycle any plastic or paper trash that you earn while cleaning up. This will help you keep up with yard work that is sustainable and reasonable for the earth.

How GSC Outdoors Can Help You

At GCS Outdoors, we can help you clean up your yard by raking leaves, cleaning unwanted debris, and planting. We can also weed flower beds, mow and edge the grass, and put down mulch to protect it from the winter. We also help with things like planting flowers for spring, cleaning up, watering, and putting irrigation systems away for the winter. One more thing we can do is take care of your farming tools and equipment.

Ready to Start Your Yard Cleanup?

As you start to clean up your yard in the Fall, picture how it will look when it’s all done—a cozy place to spend time in the Fall. Enjoy the colors, take good care of your plants, and make the space feel warm and inviting so you want to spend more time outside. You can make your yard look great again with some work and attention to detail. Then, during the cool, crisp fall days, it will be the perfect place to make memories with family and friends.

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