One of the simplest pleasures of summer is spending time out in your yard. A well-maintained lawn is a perfect place to have bonfires with friends, play catch with the family, and enjoy all that nature has to offer. A healthy lawn is also a perfect spot for pets to explore, children to play, and neighbors to envy. If you want to improve the health of your lawn, consider installing an irrigation system. Not only can a good irrigation system improve your lawn, but it can also simplify your life overall. How can a lawn irrigation system help you?

Increases Home Value

A home lawn irrigation system can increase your property values in two ways. First, the regular and effective watering your lawn will receive will keep your curb appeal high. Second, the installation of an irrigation system adds a lot of value to your home. Future owners will benefit from how easy irrigation makes general lawn care. That’s reflected in your new, higher home equity. 


With an irrigation system, you never have to water your lawn manually. It’s as simple as pressing a button! If you use an automated irrigation system, you don’t even have to do that. Just set a schedule and you have taken care of your lawn for the foreseeable future. Work with your professional landscaping service to determine the best time of day to set your system to water. Save time daily every summer by using a lawn irrigation system. 

Efficiency – No Over or Under Watering 

When you have an irrigation system set up, you’re in control of how much water your lawn gets, and where. You don’t have to worry about overwatering and wasting water. You can set up your automatic irrigation system with the exact needs of your yard in mind. That prevents puddles, lawn damage, and wasted money. 

Irrigation systems also prevent any part of your lawn from being underwatered. Traditional sprinklers can miss parts of your lawn and lead to discolored, dead patches. Using an irrigation system prevents that from happening by watering the entire lawn evenly and efficiently. 

Improves Lawn Health 

Along with keeping your lawn from suffering from under- or over-watering, an irrigation system can improve lawn health generally. Regular, consistent watering at the optimal time of day helps grass grow thicker, greener, and healthier. Even the best hand-watering isn’t as thorough or effective as an irrigation system. 

You’ll notice many improvements in lawn health with an irrigation system. Your new, healthy lawn will include:

  • No more patches of dirt and dead grass
  • Thick, springy grass
  • Medium to deep green color throughout.

This will make your lawn more beautiful and more pleasant to walk on. 

Makes Travel Simple

If you like to travel during the summer like many people, an irrigation system can help. You don’t have to worry about taking care of your lawn while you’re away – Just set your automatic irrigation system and your lawn is all set for the length of your trip. This saves you stress and money since you don’t need to hire anyone to care for your lawn while you’re gone!

If you’re considering installing an irrigation system, there’s no time like the present. The benefits of a lawn irrigation system become more obvious the longer you have it. Getting the irrigation system in before the height of growing season gives your lawn a big boost. Regular, thorough, efficient watering will bring your lawn into peak condition before you know it. Install your irrigation system now, and you’ll thank yourself during the hot, dry days of summer. For irrigation & lawncare services in the Newburyport, MA area, call GCS Services today! 978-518-5404

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