Mulch PricingInvesting in mulch is a great way to get started to boost your curb appeal. Mulches are one of the most valuable tools for gardeners and a prime component to keep your plants healthy. We point out a few reasons why Mulches can benefit your garden.

Moisture Retention.

Most plants need constant moisture to be properly maintained and growth. Unlike uncovered dirt, mulch can keep the soils moist from rainfall and irrigation for a more extended period which essentially means little less work is required when watering your plants.

Controlling the Temperature of Soil.

Applying mulch over soil can benefit seasonal. If applied during Spring/Summer time, will keep the soil cooler for much longer than exposed to the sunlight. The mulch absorbs the heat and slows the temperature from increasing on the soil. During the fall and winter, the layer of mulch allows the soil to retain heat and allows plants to grow longer. Mulch also protects the roots of plants from the harsher weather in the winter.

Soil Nutrients.

As you know, organic mulch materials such as wood chips or leaves will eventually break down over time. However, decomposed mulch can still add its nutrient to the soil which will feed plants and organisms that it needs to continue its growth.

We regularly see homeowners invest their money and go through a bad experience with poor materials they purchase from their local store. Mulch has important rich particles that improve your garden’s health and we have the best materials around in New England. If you’re looking for more information on how to spruce up your garden, please get in touch with our landscape experts at (978) 388-0935

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