As the summer season approaches, you will likely use your backyard and lawn often for gatherings centered around barbecuing, eating, and lounging by the pool. You can maintain a healthy, lush lawn and garden throughout the summer by following a few summer lawn care tips.


Completing or not doing specific caretaking tasks throughout the summer might determine whether or not your grass is lush and green or brown and lifeless. Some important dos and don’ts for summer grass maintenance are outlined below.

Lawn Care Recommendations For The Summer: The DOS

Mow Regularly

Proper grass maintenance includes frequent mowing. In the summer, lawns may need to be mowed anytime, from once per week to multiple times, depending on the intended cutting height and the pace of grass growth.


You can avoid a patchy, brown lawn by starting the summer with the greatest cutting height and gradually reducing it throughout the season. However, cutting grass too short might hinder the plant’s growth and development; thus, it’s best not to do so. Instead, choose the highest possible blade setting on your mower.

Utilize Fertilizer

A healthy lawn can be nurtured by regular fertilization. However, fertilizing your lawn during the warmest days is not a good idea since it might scorch the grass. In addition, you should avoid using fertilizer containing dangerous chemicals to protect your lawn and the environment.

Maintain Lawn Hydration

Watering needs for lawns are very entirely dependent and grass-specific. However, you should water a lawn three to five times each week.

Your grass needs consistent, thorough watering to establish deep roots and thrive. Unfortunately, nighttime lawn watering may also stimulate the growth of unwanted bugs and fungi. In the same way that too little water may kill your grass, too much can do serious damage.

Consult A Lawn Maintenance Expert

A professional lawn care service can assess your lawn’s needs throughout the summer. But, if you want your lawn to look great all summer long, it’s time to call in the experts.

Lawn Care Recommendations For The Summer: The Don’ts

Don’t Allow Pests To Infiltrate Your Lawn

Bugs, worms, and many others are just some of the pests that can invade your lawn and ruin your landscaping. These pests may ruin your lawn by creating unsightly infestations and causing the grass to turn brown. Your yard and house will be more pest-resistant once expert weed treatment has been performed.

Don’t Water Your Lawn When It’s Hot

When it’s hot outside, watering your lawn at certain times of the day won’t do much good since the moisture will evaporate before it gets to the roots. The optimum time to water your lawn is first in the morning when temperatures are cooler and the grass can absorb the water better. Unfortunately, as temperatures rise, many plants go into a dormant state and cannot breathe water effectively.

Do Not Apply Weed Preventatives

Only in the spring should a proactive treatment for weed management be done; in the summer, you should use post-emergent pesticide spot applications.

Don’t Burn Your Lawn

A grass with burnt patches is an eyesore. Grass can be scorched by the sun, flooded, or urinated by a dog. Take all necessary precautions to restrict your dog’s access to the lawn if you have one taught to go there. You should water thoroughly if you suspect dog pee has contaminated an area.

What Should You Do?

The tips provided above would assist you in becoming knowledgeable in the care and maintenance of your summer lawn. In addition, GCs Outdoors is only a phone call away if you are seeking some remarkable outcomes. GCS Outdoor’s summer lawn care service aims to provide much-needed care and nurturing to lawns over the summer months, so call now to schedule an appointment.



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