Have you been putting off making those significant outside improvements that you had planned for the previous year? The term “staycation” is becoming more popular as an alternative to traditional vacations, and the present moment is the ideal time to start planning for the next vacation season. It is never too soon to start planning for those outside renovations, extensions, or complete makeovers; it is never too early. From outdoor kitchens and fire features to patios and gardens, proper planning is essential to ensure that the right design, and milestones are met so that you can enjoy the next season at your “resort-style” outdoor living space that you can call your own.

Are you looking for inspiration? Here are some current trends in outdoor living that you may use as a source of inspiration.

Paver Patios

The trend of extending the living space into the outdoors will never become outdated. It doesn’t matter whether your outdoor patio is designed in a contemporary, modern, or classic style since there is a paver that will work for you. Learn more about some of the newest trends in outdoor pavers by reading the information provided below.

Fire Features

An outdoor fire is something that both adults and children of all ages can appreciate, whether it’s to warm up next to the flames or to toast marshmallows over the open flame. Additionally, having an outdoor fire can increase your property’s value when it is time to sell it. A fire pit that burns wood and a fire table fueled with gas and fiberglass on top are just two of the various ways you may make a cozy and pleasant fire that complements your design aesthetic.


Do you live in a more urban setting with a limited amount of space for a garden? Or maybe you live in the countryside, with more room for outdoor activities. How you slice it, developing a tranquil outside garden is essential for this time of year. There is a gardening option suitable for every person, including cottage gardens, raised garden beds, and balcony gardens.

Low-Maintenance Design

It should be no surprise that we have followed a trend toward a more minimalistic approach to design over the last many years. People desire a yard that doesn’t require much maintenance yet still looks nice. The phrase “no maintenance” seems to be the most popular choice among our clients. Although we must convey that there is no such thing as “no maintenance,” we can prioritize and create designs that need less upkeep. This might include masonry, plants that can withstand periods of drought, perennials rather than annuals, choosing trees and shrubs that require little to no trimming, and much more. Our landscape designers have extensive experience selecting plants and working closely with clients to fulfill their specific requirements.

Outdoor Kitchens

The months when the temperature is pleasant are the best times to enjoy eating outside. The number of individuals who choose to spend more time enjoying their yards is directly correlated to the rise in popularity of outdoor kitchens. You should start planning early, establish a budget, and collaborate with a professional landscaper to ensure that your demands will be addressed, but most importantly, that the design will be practical.


Landscape lighting is something that comes up in conversation with our clients regularly. The appropriate lighting draws attention to the house and the surrounding landscape and makes the home more secure and safer. There is a world of difference between a decent landscape and a fantastic one, and the appropriate lighting can make all the difference. The possibilities for lighting are unlimited now that there are LED alternatives, color-changing lights, and wireless controllers.

Are you moved by what you see? Installs for the spring and summer should be scheduled as soon as possible, and the time to do so is now. So give us a call right now, and one of our landscape designers will get in touch with you to set up a time for your free consultation.

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