Hardscape projects are intimidating at first, but they have so much potential! Adding hardscaping to your home can add functionality, style, resale value, and so much more. Since you can’t do much landscaping in the winter, why not use the time to tackle some hardscaping projects?

If you don’t know where to start, these hardscape projects are perfect for winter! When it warms up again and you can add beautiful landscaping around your new hardscapes, you’ll fall in love with the project all over again. Summer you will be thankful if winter you makes the leap!

Make a Walkway

Use pavers or gravel to create a walkway. Making a path from one space to the next creates an incredible ambiance with endless possibilities for decoration along the way. Making a walkway in the winter is usually easier than doing it in the spring or summer because you don’t have as many plants to content with! Leaves have fallen from the trees and flowers are dormant, giving your free reign of the space to lay a walkway without damaging any plants.


A patio is a larger hardscaping project that you shouldn’t take on by yourself, but it is a good way to stay busy this winter. If you’re considering a patio for your home, mark out the desired size before meeting with a contractor.

Patios can be customized to fit your space, budget, and personal style with ease! They offer a great return on investment too. Future buyers will love the added outdoor living space and they’ll love the fact that it’s already done for them even more!

Building your patio in the winter gives you plenty of time to shop for the perfect patio furniture and décor to display during the warmer months.


What better time to build a firepit than when it’s cold outside? Enjoy the heat of the fire right in your backyard with a new firepit! Firepits can be custom-made to fit any space or you can opt for a premade design. Woodburning and gas firepits both provide a beautiful heat source in your outdoor living area.

Roast some marshmallows, sip a cocktail under a blanket, or just relax as you watch the flames dance. Firepits are a great winter hardscaping project because they’re usually quick to install and impact the space!

Hardscape projects require a lot of planning to ensure it’s done right. Contact GCS Outdoors today to discuss your hardscape ideas and get price estimates. If you aren’t sure how to use hardscaping to elevate your space, we can help with that too! Our team of creative professionals will create a hardscaping plan that works for your space and budget while improving the outdoor living space as a whole.


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