Ground pavers are a nice addition to an exterior space either in the front or back of your home. Pavers can act as a built-in drainage system, a patio, or a walkway depending on the area they’re placed. Pavers can’t just be tossed down though. For pavers to actually look good and serve a functional purpose, the ground beneath them has to be level. Uneven ground will leave edges of pavers sticking up. This creates a fall hazard and just doesn’t look good. Let’s go over the basics of how to level the ground for ground pavers so you know what you’re getting yourself into!

Choose the Area

This is the easiest part of the project! Use spray paint or tape to mark where you want the pavers to go. It’s helpful to have a vision of what you want to use the space for after the pavers are placed so you have a better idea of how large the area needs to be.

Add Stakes and Strings

Next, add a wooden stake at each corner of the marked-off area. Wrap a string around the stakes, creating an outline. The strings will act as your marker when you’re leveling out the ground before placing the pavers, so take your time to ensure you have them positioned where you want the borders of the pavers to be! Use a level to make sure the strings are level all the way around.

Level the Ground

Before you start digging, you need to calculate how deep you need to dig. Add up the heigh of the pavers plus 4 inches of gravel and 3 inches of sand. The gravel and sand will be added under the pavers for added stability. Once you have a measurement in mind, start digging! Extend the border by 13 inches in each direction to allow room for edging once the pavers are installed.

Add Gravel and Sand

Once you’ve dug out the area, you can start adding the gravel. Gravel should typically be layered 4 inches thick. Once the gravel is laid and spread out, add 3 inches of sand on top. Once the gravel and sand have been placed, it’s time to lay the pavers! Take your time placing the pavers so they’re placed evenly across the space.

If you couldn’t already tell, there’s a lot that goes into laying pavers! There’s room for error during each step of the process. A slight misjudgment or uneven rope could lead to pavers that aren’t properly placed. Instead of leaving it up to chance as a DIY job, hire a professional to get the job done! You can simply tell them where you want the pavers and pick out a paver you like, we’ll do the rest of the work.


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