Maximize your small landscape spaceSo, you’re looking to upgrade the outdoor living to enjoy some quality time with your family and friends. But, the problem is, you just don’t have the space to accommodate this vision. Believe us; you are not alone in this one. Our design team at GCS will be happy to guide you every step of the way to create that vision into reality. Here are a couple of tips to consider first before getting started.

Focused Approach

First things first, when dealing with a smaller landscape is to consider 2-3 elements that are important to you. Then, for additional elements, our designers will suggest what type of elements will help compliment your requirements.

Water Features & Lights

Adding additional elements like a fireplace or grill station to a small yard can be tricky which probably be out of the question. Consider thinking of elements like water features and lighting. In particular, lighting is one of the most common feature homeowners regret not installing. They’re inexpensive and add that extra touch your yard needs.

Build up not out!

Homeowners tend to think that building a patio needs square footage, however, sometimes a forgotten strategy is utilizing the air space to bring an appeal to your backyard. From pergola to decks to covered structures, there are so many options that will prevent any unneeded clutter that just takes up space on your patio.

Keep it open

A major factor a homeowner should focus when making the most out of a small yard is creating the feeling that the space is bigger than it is, along with the tips we previously mentioned above.

When you set up an appointment with one of our designers, they will share their knowledge and experience with you to help maximize your space! At GCS, we’re here to help you have that dream design you have been waiting for your whole life! For more information about our services, get in touch and contact us today for a free estimate at 978-388-0935

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