A landscape design is similar to a house floor plan, except it covers the outside boundaries of your house walls. It is more like an outdoor floor plan encompassing the visual representation of what your front or backyard or even your garden may look like by using scaled dimensions.

In simple terms, consider landscape designing a mixture of planning for plantation, flowers, lawn furniture, sheds, trees, grass, fountains, and so on. Moreover, it may also include irrigation systems and lighting designs. Below are quick and most essential tips on how to plan a landscape design.

Learn the Basics– Landscape Designing

Before you start planning a landscape design, you have to learn the most important aspects of the entire process. By learning topography, you will be able to realize the regional climate, soil information, land info, fertility, elevation, and much more.

Using the authoritative data from the US government can help you further in your landscape design. Bear in mind that microclimate elements greatly influence the sustenance and growth of a landscape’s trees, flowers, plants, etc. Some of those elements include shade, deep shade, full sun, etc.

Planning a Landscape Design

Choose a Theme

Do you want a unified outlook of your landscape? Consider choosing an appropriate theme. You can keep it simple by using simplistic shapes and forms to depict a minimalistic décor. On the other hand, it can also be an oriental complex garden that can help to relax.

Ensure that your landscape design reflects the architecture of your house. Choosing a theme will help you narrow down the options when looking for fountains, sheds, flowers, etc.

Adding Plants to the Landscape Design

After understanding the rules, regulations, and other standard landscaping codes of your region’s residential authorities, the next step is to draw sketches and outlines to visualize your idea. You can use scaled dimensions and even software to visualize the idea you want to see turn into reality.

Thus, plantation and greenery will fall in line, creating a beautiful ambiance. But as far as the theme goes, you also have to choose the size, shapes, and style of the greenery in your landscape. Consulting a professional landscape contractor might be the best decision in this case.

Adding Decorations to the Landscape Design

After the architectural adjustments, plantation and greenery decisions, and theme selection, you can go for garden ornaments and large appliances such as sheds, birdhouses, trees, cages, etc. They can add value, aesthetics, and functionality to your landscape design.


Finding the best landscape contractor can ease the landscape designing burden on your shoulders. They have advanced knowledge and experience. In addition, they can guide you throughout the process. GCS Outdoors is one of the most reliable landscape designing companies in Newburyport and its surrounding towns. Give us a call to get a quote today.

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