Spring Cleaning

The first step to prepping your lawn for spring is to clean up the leaves, twigs and other debris that have gathered over the winter. To make it easy on yourself, use a leaf blower to clean up this debris. If not, it will get stuck in your lawn and your lawnmower and will inhibit the fertilizer from properly soaking into the soil.

Apply Fertilizer and Weed Killer

Use a combination of fertilizer and herbicide used to prevent crabgrass. Six to eight weeks later, apply both products again, along with a broadleaf weed killer. Prevent the crabgrass from coming up so you won’t be fighting it all season. Many popular lawn care brands offer a combination of herbicide and weed killer in one application, lowers your cost as well as your time to apply these on your lawn.

Mow Early and Often

Homeowners often only mow once a week in the spring. Instead, mow every five days for the first six weeks of spring, depending on the weather, to ensure a thicker, fuller lawn. The reason for this is that it allows the roots of the grass to grow properly, ensuring a thicker, more beautiful lawn.

Pick a Good, Heavy Mulch

Moving on from your lawn, now you can edge out your beds, trim back dead branches on bushes and shrubs, and replace the mulch. Choose a thick hardwood mulch since it will last longer and look better.

Trim the Trees

Get a ladder and get up into your trees to see if any dead branches need to be trimmed. If dead branches are left untended, they can fall, causing property damage and potential injury. Not to mention, you’ll be cleaning them up all summer. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, consider hiring someone to do this each spring.

Seed in the Fall

While it’s very tempting to fill bare brown patches with grass seed in the spring if you are following the advice above and applying fertilizer and herbicide, the seeds won’t germinate so that the new grass won’t grow. Instead, fertilize the lawn as described earlier, and in a few weeks new shoots will grow and fill in the brown spots. For very larger bare spots, feel free to fill in with new sod.

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