We are dedicated to establishing lasting relationships with every client through affordable service and working hard. Whether you need a simple irrigation system for your home or you, need a more complex network of sprinklers for your commercial property.

We offer everything from essential lawn sprinklers drip irrigation systems for beds or foundations to smart systems that can manage everything for you. We will custom design and build a sprinkler system specifically for your needs and guarantee 100% coverage on the area to be irrigated, which means no dry spots. We can also help you conserve water with features like efficient sprinkler heads, MPR rotors, rain/freeze sensors, smart controllers, and drip irrigation.

Sprinkler systems that our company professionally install can do more for you than save you the hassle and extra work of manually watering your garden or yard. Our services can help you conserve water and save you money on your bills. A sprinkler system also adds value to your property’s resale value.

What is Lawn Irrigation? 

You might know lawn irrigation by its more common term: sprinklers! That’s right – lawn irrigation sounds like a complicated process, but it simply means keeping the grass watered efficiently. Ideally, there will be little water loss. Instead, water consumption should be optimized to prevent waste. An excellent lawn irrigation system will keep your lawn looking great all year round. Here are the typical services offered. 


Sprinkler System Installation

Great lawn irrigation starts with the correct installation of the right system for your needs. First, your sprinkler specialists will evaluate your property so they know the size and particulars of the lawn. Then, you can choose what type of system you’re looking for and what extra features you want. For instance, some systems come with wi-fi-enabled controls so you can manage activity even if you’re on vacation. 

Once you’ve selected your system, the specialists will install it properly and provide maintenance services. 

Our Sprinkler Systems Include:

  • Complete installations
  • Backflow certification
  • System check-ups
  • Winterization
  • Spring start-ups


Sprinkler System Repairs

If your sprinkler system is malfunctioning, contact a professional right away for service. Depending on the issue, you could be facing a lot of damage to the lawn or the rest of the system if left too long. Sprinkler system repairs are a commonly offered service by lawn irrigation specialists; these systems are complicated and don’t make great DIY fixes.


Sprinkler System Maintenance

A properly installed lawn irrigation system is designed for long-term usage, but they still require regular maintenance to run at optimal efficiency. Going without maintenance could lead to inefficient water consumption, higher bills, and a lawn that’s not thriving as you hoped. Regular inspections will help identify potential issues and stop them before they become expensive and inconvenient problems. 


Sprinkler System Winterization

Many parts of the country have hot, dry summers that rely on sprinklers to keep lawns green while also having freezing-temperature winters. Sprinkler system winterization is an essential service for people in these areas. Protecting the system from winter weather means it will last much longer and work at ideal efficiency. 


To get the best residential or commercial lawn irrigation system, head to GCS Outdoors. As the local sprinkler system experts, we’ll be able to help you get your lawn where it needs to be. Whether you need a repair or a brand new installation, our pros are ready to assist. Give us a call today for a consultation! 

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