Salem is a city in Essex County, Massachusetts, in the United States. It is located 16 miles (26 km) northeast of Boston on Salem Bay Harbor, an inlet of Massachusetts Bay. The GCS Outdoors team has loved working in Salem, Massachusetts, for a long time. Whether you wish to update current landscapes or completely redesign them, we can offer services to suit your needs and preferences. We are Salem, Massachusetts’s most respected landscape and landscaping company. We work quickly and diligently, and we won’t be happy until you are.


Our Services include:


Improve the appearance and functionality of your yard by remaking or upgrading your landscaping. Sod and sprinkler, Mulch, Rock, Plants, Drainage, and many other landscaping options are available. After we finish our makeover, you’ll begin to enjoy being outside!


Are you looking for something that looks fantastic and needs little upkeep? Decide on hardscaping. A hardscape is a fantastic option for everything from concrete patios and driveways to concrete retaining walls and steps of all kinds!


Irrigation problems? We’re prepared to assist. If your yard needs new or replacement sprinklers, we can install sprinkler heads strategically placed throughout your yard to ensure that your entire yard receives enough water. The cost varies according to the number of sprinkler heads required.

Lawn Care

You can expect professional guidance and care from a skilled lawn, tree & plant and outdoor service professional that goes beyond merely having healthy grass. With our specialist lawn care services and the added benefits of the tree and shrub care and pest insect control,  GCS Outdoors will help you achieve the lawn of your dreams. We take pride in being able to provide a thorough and personalized treatment plan using a variety of treatments and services, including aeration and over-seeding, weed control, fertilizer, mosquito, tree, and shrub care, and much more.

Patio Installation

Your fantastic outdoor retreat is built on a lovely stone patio. It serves as the background for any landscaping, furniture placements, and any elements you decide to add to the outdoor living space. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and practical advice that may assist you in making wise choices regarding the patio construction team you select and the patio materials you decide to have built.

Snow Removal

GCS Outdoors offers fast and efficient snow removal and demolition services.

Don’t let a lot of snow make your day sluggish. To remove snow quickly after a snowstorm, contact GCS Outdoors for expert snow removal and demolition services. The snowdrifts blocking your driveway and the surrounding area will be removed by our crew as soon as they arrive. Our team has a wealth of experience removing snow from driveways, lawns, parking lots, loading docks, and other small and large locations. You may relax knowing that our staff will arrive prepared with the best shoveling tools and equipment to finish the task in the allotted time.


services for homeowners in Salem, Massachusetts


Homeowners who are interested in our services but unclear about what they want are a common clientele for us. The expert landscaping and hardscape design team at GCS Outdoors is more than willing to share their knowledge on turning that visionary project into a reality. Call us right now for a free estimate.


Services for Businesses in Salem, Massachusetts


Regardless of the size or scope of the project, our strategy stays the same. Each project receives the same attention and care as if it were our own. It is what sets us apart from our rivals.


Are you ready to begin?


Maintaining business landscaping and quickly resolving any problems that arise is critical to its success. A field management system with auto-dispatch, auto-inspection, and auto-billing is used by the best commercial landscaping companies. So join the GCS Outdoors landscaping program right away.

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