images (1)New England Residential and Commercial Landscape Lighting Specialists

  • Path lighting. Highlight pathways, entryways, steps, decking, and low-lying features of your landscape. Provides a safely lit area for traffic to and from your home.
  • Up lighting. Highlight architectural features of your home including columns, peaks, flags, and address signage. Light up the taller focal points of your landscape including specimen trees.
  • Down lighting. Hide your fixtures in trees or overhangs, and highlight areas such as patios, decks, play areas, or any other entertaining areas you may have.
  • Backlighting. Silhouette your favorite tree or art object including fountains or statuary.
  • Security lighting. Light up those dark spots around your home including doorways, areas of heavy landscaping surrounding windows, or provide a visible pathway of light to your home from the street.
  • Maintenance. Routine maintenance such as cleaning lenses, changing bulbs, and testing voltage drop can greatly enhance the longevity and efficiency of your landscape lighting system.
  • Holiday Lighting

Enhance your New England home and landscape during the nighttime with a professionally installed outdoor lighting system from GCS Outdoors Lighting Division. Besides highlighting your home’s architectural features and landscape focal points, night lighting also adds security for your home during the wee hours of the night.

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