Winter is a time when landscaping is more important than ever to preserve your yard and flowerbeds. Knowing what landscaping mistakes to avoid will make your job much easier when the warm months roll around and save you money. Many of these mistakes are more common than you’d think, but this is the year to make a change!

Don’t Stop Watering

Many people stop watering their plants and yard too early in the year. You should continue with regular watering cycles right up until the first hard freeze of the year. Failing to water your plants until; then will lead to dehydration and make the plants more susceptible to dangerous diseases.

Cutting Too Short

As you cut your grass for the last time before winter, be sure you aren’t cutting it too short. Leaving behind 2-3 inches of grass is the best way to avoid snow mold and matted grass that will be a hassle when the snow melts.

Forgotten Tools

Winter landscaping can be a hassle but rushing through the process without taking the time to care for your landscaping tools is a costly mistake. Cleaning and thoroughly drying your garden tools is essential to preventing rust and damage during the colder months.

Killing Plants Instead of Weeds

If you’re using weed killer in the colder months, you’re likely damaging your plants while the weeds live and flourish. Weed killer is ineffective in temperatures below 60 degrees and attempting to use it in colder temperatures will result in harm to your other plants.

Failure to Prepare

Winter is the time to prepare for spring by planting your spring bulbs. By planting them in the winter, you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful flowers quickly after warm spring temperatures return. Don’t worry; the cold won’t harm the bulbs once they’re planted below the soil.

For some homeowners, the biggest mistake of all comes from trying to do their winter landscaping on their own. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to perform winter landscaping properly, it’s best to hire a professional, like GCS Services Group.

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