Nothing improves your curb appeal quicker than a gorgeous lawn. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have a lawn that looks picture perfect on its own. That’s where lawn installation services come into play. Lawn installation is a great tool for people looking to improve their existing lawn or expand their lawn to a new area.

What’s the Best Season for Lawn Installation?

Lawn installation is most successful during late summer and early fall. Ideal conditions involve warm temperatures that aren’t too hot with adequate sunlight. Lawn installation can be done during the spring and summer, but it’s more likely to get overrun with weeds or burnt from high temperatures.


Hydro-seeding is a type of lawn installation that’s ideal for an area that doesn’t have an existing lawn. New grass seed is mixed with a fertilizer to create something known as a slurry. This slurry is then spread evenly across the area and overtime, a new lawn will grow! Hydro-seeding is most commonly seen on construction sites when lawns have been dug up and at new house builds.


Power-seeding is ideal for lawns that have some existing grass, but sparse areas. A tool is used to powerfully push the seeds into the soil. By sowing the seed directly into the soil, the chances of grass growth are increased. Other seeding methods can actually smother existing grass when the seeds are laid on top, but this method avoids the issue all together.

The whole lawn will receive some power seeding, but sparse areas will receive a more concentrated number of seeds. Since power seeding requires a special tool and knowledge of how much seed to put in certain areas, it isn’t a job you can do yourself.

Lawn Care Tips for your Pets

Sod Installation

Sod is a great option if you want a lawn that is instantly green, lush, and healthy. Sod can be laid anytime during the grass-growing seasons. It’s recommended to add an irrigation system too because sod requires regular watering and sunlight to properly root in your lawn. Anyone can purchase sod but laying it down isn’t as simple as it sounds. Sod is expensive since it offers instant results, so it’s worth it to hire a professional and ensure you’ll get to enjoy the green grass for years to come!

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