The gorgeously vibrant colors of fall are one of the best things about living in New England. Have you thought about your autumn landscape design yet? Make sure you take full advantage of this New England fall and follow this list to achieve a landscape with the perfect balance of reds, oranges, yellows & greens! 

Fall Greenery


hosta plant

Hosta is a green plant that will stand out among other landscape pieces, with off-white trimming around the edge of each leaf. It looks great in a garden arrangement, or when placed along a walkway. 

Zebra Grass 

zebra grass

The eye catching striped pattern of Zebra Grass creates a greenery that makes its own statement instead of getting lost among the rest of your landscape. 

Mexican Feather Grass

mexican feather grass

The soft & faded out tips of Mexican Feather Grass is perfect for a fall aesthetic. This plant will not be unnoticed, but will perfectly accent your brighter pieces! 

Fall Flowers



This stunningly unique flower is a member of the sunflower family, and it is a perennial that will bloom again year after year! The fiery orange color of the Helenium is guaranteed to stand out in your fall arrangement.


orange mums

The simplicity of Mum flowers is a stunning contrast to other signature fall pieces. These are the perfect touch to add some bloom without overpowering your pumpkin & squash display.


straw flowers

Strawflowers have a stunning two-toned look to bring a pop of color to your landscape. They are available in a huge variety of colors, & can be in planters or in the ground. 

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