Did you know hot summer days and dry weather can cause a lot of stress on your lawn and landscape? With summer just around the corner now is the best time to start preparing your landscape. Here are some helpful tips to get yourself started.

1. Clean up. Before you can start anything, take a good look at your yard and see what could be removed before getting started. This will help any branches, leaves or other debris that may be carrying rots or diseases that have been untouched for months to affect your lawn. 

2. Water Regularly. To ensure your roots remain strong and healthy throughout the summer, keep your plants and grass watered as much as you can. Weather in Massachusetts can be unpredictable, we may experience no rain for days or even weeks, so maintenance plays an important key to a successful landscape.

3. Mulch Everything. Plan early and add mulch around your plants to keep the soil moist and protected when temperature starts to rise. For more information about Mulch, please check out our blog on how to be on top of your landscaping game!

4. Let Your Grass Grow. When providing tips for a healthier and greener lawn, this one always surprises the homeowners, but in reality, grass typically perform best at the height of 3 to 4 1/2  inches as it prevents any weed growth and helps grass from drying up during the summer. So before you get started, let it grow.

5. Hire A Professional. There are a lot of things you can do on your own. However, landscaping maintenance is not something you can hop on and hop off whenever you like; it’s an ongoing process that needs a lot of attention if you are looking to maximize your landscape. Still unsure? Please get in contact with our experts at 978-388-0935 where we will provide you the best solutions to your landscaping needs. 

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