Many homeowners spend countless hours through spring and summer creating a beautiful exterior to their home but maintaining that hard work will make for a much easier spring and summer next year. With a few simple fall preparation tips, you can preserve the beauty through the winter months and enjoy your beautiful yard again as spring rolls around. Follow these easy tips to prepare your yard before the winter months are here!

Clean It Up

If you have annual plants that are coming to the end of their life, it’s a good idea to get them out now before the ground is frozen. By removing the dead and dying plants from your landscape in the fall, you won’t have to see them all winter and deal with removing them in the spring. Cut perennials back as far as possible until they’re ready to bloom again next year.

Protect Vulnerable Plants

Many shrubs and trees can’t survive the harsh winter weather, but with a little added protection they’ll make it through. Cover shrubs and plants with buckets or burlap to give protection against frost and wind. If you have vulnerable trees, cover the roots with shredded leaves. Without taking these steps, many of your plants that should return next spring won’t be able to make it through the winter.

Fall Mulching

Many homeowners wait until the warmer months to begin mulching, but that’s a big mistake. Fall mulching is the perfect way to protect the roots of your plants and shrubs against the freezing temperatures. Spread a 2-3-inch layer of mulch from a home and garden center throughout your flowerbeds and around any other plants to protect them until the temperatures rise again.

Many people think yard work is over once fall rolls around but neglecting these simple tasks will lead to much more work for you next spring. These tips not only protect your plants, but they save you time and money.

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