If you are thinking about a way to make your yard look more manicured the concrete pavers are a great option. Patios, paths and pool surroundings and driveways can help to define a surrounding and are also common ways to incorporate concrete pavers into your landscape. Concrete pavers come in two categories, namely interlocking and architectural slab. Are concrete pavers right for you and your landscape project? Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of concrete pavers.


1. Easy to Install
Concrete pavers are designed with flat bottoms for placement and comes in identical sizes. Since they are tight-fitting shapes, they can be placed into position more quickly when compared to many natural stones.
2. Slip Resistance
Concrete pavers provide more traction than concrete that is poured and leveled; this is ideal in preventing slippage, particularly on steep slopes.
3. Resilience
In comparison to poured concrete or asphalt, concrete pavers are more resilient. They move independently, are less susceptible to cracks stemming from ice heaves and invading plant roots. You can simply pull up the slab or affected paver to make repairs. They are very low maintenance.
4. Weather Resistance
The weather can be a harsh element, but concrete pavers are weather resistant. Regardless of the season, concrete pavers that are designed to meet industry standards for minimal water absorbency will survive without crumbling or splitting or crumbling.


1. Color Changes
Over time, surface wear and aging with lead to an overall change in the color and appearance of concrete pavers. This can be an impact of weather conditions and use. You can refresh the color with a masonry stain.
2. Weeds
It is possible for weeds to grow in cracks, since they are built from individual pieces. The spaces are often times filled with sand initially, but when that sand washes out, weed seeds can find a
way in, take root and sprout. Weeds can cover your paver in the long run.
3. More Expensive
Concrete paver can be more expensive to install compared other pavement options depending on the surface area being covered. However, because they require very little maintenance work, you’ll ultimately save money .

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