A retaining wall can be a good commercial or residential option for property owners looking to separate levels of their landscape. For example, a stone retaining wall placed on a hill could separate retaining wall with flowersyour garden from the rest of your yard or walkway. It could also separate landscaping from a parking lot, or be placed on the sides of an outdoor stairway. 

Thanks to our team’s years of experience in hardscaping, GCS Outdoors is ready to bring our expertise to creating your retaining wall. Our stone products are of the highest quality and will bring a gorgeous and durable texture to your design. Whether you’re simply looking to hold back soil, or to build a beautiful yard landscape featuring a retaining wall, GCS Outdoors has your back. 

Contact us today to begin designing your custom stone retaining wall & more to improve your outdoor space! GCS Outdoors will go above & beyond, personalizing the process to make sure you are thrilled with your new landscape. 

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