Due to the heavy weight of snow, and the precarious weather conditions involved, shoveling snow is strenuous & carries the potential for injury. The two main concerns with snow removal are 1. Injuring yourself during shoveling, and 2. Someone else getting injured after the fact due to improper snow removal. To make sure you & no one else gets hurt, make sure you are prepared for the snow this year! 

Take Care of Your Health

Your health is the first & foremost priority, and since snow removal requires exertion, your body’s needs should be top of mind. Some of the most common health issues related to snow removal can be as serious as back injuries and heart attacks. Shoveling is a physically strenuous activity, and you should ease the process for your body as much as possible. 

Some tips to avoid excess strain:

  • Make sure your muscles are warmed up prior to shoveling.
  • Take frequent breaks and pay attention to how your body feels.
  • Make sure you are properly hydrated, as you would for heavy exercise. 
  • Use a lightweight shovel, and one that is designed to alleviate lifting strain.
  • Push snow instead of lifting it. 
  • Shovel the snow before it sits & gets wet. Wetness will add weight. 
  • Consider shoveling periodically throughout a storm instead of at the end when it has all piled up. 

Dress For The Weather

You should make sure to dress appropriately for the cold & snowy weather conditions – That includes layers, a warm jacket, a scarf, hat, waterproof gloves, and socks & boots. You can always remove layers once you start to warm up from exertion. Wind burn is another risk associated with cold conditions, so make sure to cover your cheeks & face as well. 

Eliminate Ice

Ice can be hard to see until you’ve already slipped and fallen, which can result in serious injury. A good way to reduce ice buildup from the start is to sprinkle ice melting salt or sand down before the snowfall begins. Make sure you are thoroughly salting your driveway, walkways, and steps. If you have a pet, be sure to use salt that specifies that it is formulated safe for paws. 

Hire a Snow Removal Professional 

Hiring a professional snow removal service is the best way to ensure the project is done safely and efficiently. Snow removal professionals have access to the latest technology & equipment and have experience & training under their belt. This will save you the physical demands that come with shoveling and bring you a driveway & walkway full clear of ice & snow. For snow removal in the Northshore, MA area, contact GCS Services today! 

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