Spring is here, and it’s time to crack our knuckles and get started with their yard work. Did you know that many homeowners make the same mistake when removing grass and leaves and not understanding the real value of recycling? Unfortunately, by disposing or bagging leaves and grass clippings, we are essentially overfilling landfills waste when in actuality, it can help with your lawn and environment. Here are some tips on how to recycle leftover leaves and grass at your home. 

Benefits of Recycling Grass and Leaves

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), around 18-50 percent of landfill waste comprises yard waste, meaning areas are running out of space and are needed for organic waste materials. Fortunately, the waste is not actually waste, but we can save time and money with the help of recycling from homeowners. 


Cutting your grass could be a pleasant experience as you do not necessarily need to bag them up once you are done. Grasscycling is the form of using chopped leaves and grass and laying them across your fresh-cut grass. This practice will save you money from buying lawn fertilizers as grass stores rich nutrients that can bring back your lawn.


If leaving clippings on your lawn is unavailable to you, there is an alternative solution, consider piling the compost and spread it across your landscape, in particular trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers. This makes a great organic compost that will keep the surface retain its moisture and nutrients it needs. 


Cities of Massachusetts allow residents to bag their yard waste for garbage pick-up (scheduled calendar). There are options on how the city will recycle the yard waste, either hauled off to a landfill or compost or mulch and sell to gardeners. If you have a lot of land or yard waste, consider searching what our city’s community is doing. 

How to maintain your landscape

While some homeowners enjoy landscaping every year there are others who don’t have the time for it. That’s where we come in, whether it’s simple lawn care or re-design, we have a care package custom-tailored to your property project that will instantly boost your home’s curb appearance. Contact us today for a free consultation and let’s how we can properly maintain the yard!

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