spring landscaping checklistSpring brings out the best in your landscaping. Having a checklist to make sure everything you want is planted and taken care of is great for organizing your yard work and care plan. This checklist will help you to divide and conquer the spring and bring out the most beautiful life and luxury in your landscaping.

Fresh Mulch

Mulch only has a lifespan of a few years. Once it becomes colorless or even molded and creates dust in the yard, it should be replaced. New mulching brightens up the landscaping and keeps the weeds down.

Seeding, Fertilizing, Weeding Grass

A consistent approach to growing from seeds, feeding with fertilizer and weeding any unwanted growth in your grass must be kept up all spring. A hired professional can keep your lawn, and surrounding landscape look great with consistent care and fertilizing. Also, keeping the upper hand on unwanted weeds requires time and dedication every week. This can be scheduled by your local landscaping professional.


Aerating the lawn opens the ground so that fertilizing nutrients and water can get down to the roots and refresh the grass. This can make the grass grow faster and more lush over the spring. Aerating should be down at least a few times at regular intervals throughout the spring and leading up to the summer.

Cleaning the Hardscape

The pathway, gravel, and tiles that line your landscape need to be cleaned of moss and dirt. Pressure washing from a professional, or raking can get the job done, but it needs to be done consistently.

The best way to get the spring checklist of landscaping done is to hire a professional service to come to your home. Spring landscaping needs to be maintained every week, and the time that it takes can be quite a lot. Leave this project to the team at GCS Services! Contact us today at 978-518-5404 for your free quote.

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