Landscaping is an art, one filled with not only elegance but also functionality that can manifest itself in different forms depending on the owner’s taste, skill, trend, and type of property. Take notice of the last one—the type of property—for it is the crux of this article. The skill required and other details depend on whether it is being done on a commercial or residential property.

Why is this important, well it is because depending on the type of property, the prerequisite skill, scope of work, permits, and maintenance can differ. This might seem like a lot, but there will be some differences between Commercial and Residential landscaping services. But first, some understanding must be established before you embark on that quest.

What is Commercial Landscaping?

In a simple sense, commercial landscaping is any lawn care service meant to be carried out on commercial property. While this is true, it is not as simple as commercial landscaping, which is also about fine-tuning the landscape of a business to project a particular message or air they intend on marketing. To do this, you need creativity, knowledge, and time. It is a perfect situation for an architect to work and one in which many inspiring works have been created. An excellent commercial landscape aims to meld nature and concrete with one another and create a homely condition in the office.

What is Residential Landscaping?

As the name implies, it involves any form of landscaping endeavor for any residential party. Not only is the prerequisite skill different from that of commercial landscaping, but the scope of work and number of workers are vastly different. While a residential landscaper only has to worry about aesthetics and functionality, a commercial one has to worry about message, obstruction, environmental effect, and regulations.

Differences Between Commercial and Residential Landscaping

1. Scale of Work

One glaring difference is simply the scale of work between the two. Residential landscaping involves a much smaller area compared to commercial landscaping, with fewer tools and workers required. A commercial landscape service could span a building, an industrial complex, or even a campus, all massive undertakings that require massive budgets and manpower to complete.

2. Equipment and Tools

Due to the scale of work, the tools used will also ways that make the two seem unrelated. Commercial services often use heavy-duty equipment and tools to maintain large, complex landscapes. These machineries are built for extensive work and terrible conditions. They can be challenging to operate, while residential landscaping just requires a few hand-held tools to mend and maintain your lawn or garden.

3. Pricing

Due to the scope and scale of work, equipment, and tools, as well as the massive workforce, the price of commercial landscaping is greater than that of commercial landscaping. Due to this, some commercial businesses hire residential services to take care of their shrubs instead of a commercial service.

4. Expertise Required

Both residential and commercial landscaping require specialized knowledge and expertise, one that can’t just be learned over time. Still, among the two services, the one with less skill requirement is the residential services. This is so because not only do you require skill in operating heavy machinery, but you also need a good understanding of design to work in a commercial landscaping service efficiently.

5. Permits and Regulation

As with any well-structured society, you can operate and build something in an environment that everyone can notice without a permit. Compared to residential service, getting a license for the commercial line is much easier since the commercial line will operate heavy-duty machinery that can be disruptive and even work on that piece of land in the first place. There are also rules and regulations for landscaping services on commercial property, which are much more easily enforced than residential service.

Due to the differences between them, it seems very easy to choose the residential landscaping option, but as with everything, there is still a need for commercial landscaping. To that end, if you need any help with either your commercial or residential landscaping, just contact GCS Outdoors for assistance.

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