A spring yard cleanup is one of the most important steps you can take for the overall health of your lawn. While fall cleanups are equally important, your spring cleanup sets the tone for your outdoor living space through the summertime. You will want to make sure your spring cleanup is done efficiently and covers all the bases to create an optimal yard. Check out our tips for this important project! 

Remove Debris

The first step of any yard cleanup is to remove debris from the surface. You will find plenty of debris to get rid of during springtime, including branches, sticks, leaves, and more than have accumulated with winter winds & storms. Removing this debris will not only kickstart your spring cleanup but also make your lawn less of an eyesore already! 

Aerate & Dethatch

Dethatching your lawn is going in deeper and removing all weeds, dead grass, and roots that have grown in the wrong places. Dethatching is equally as important as removing surface debris from your lawn. This step fully clears your lawn and prepares it for new soil, bulbs, and seeding. Without dethatching, your efforts to grow a healthier landscape will go unrewarded. 

Plant Your Designs 

The next step is to plant what you want to see bloom this spring and summer! Along with standard grass seeding and mulching, keep in mind any shrubbery and flowers you want in your design. A landscape designer can help you decide what will look good in your space, and help you implement your desired changes! 

Maintain Your Work

The biggest mistake you can make during a spring yard cleanup is to neglect your yard afterward. If you fail to water the seeds you’ve planted, they will never grow nor thrive. Make sure you are watering daily, adding fresh soil & nutrients, weeding, and refreshing your mulch as needed through the spring and into the summer. For help with this longterm commitment to your lawn, many homeowners turn to the professionals! 

Expert Landscaping in Newburyport, MA

Seasonal cleanups can be daunting for busy homeowners, and regular maintenance even more so. Instead of neglecting your lawn this season, let us prepare it so you can have your best summer yet. GCS Services proudly provides commercial and residential landscape designs to Newburyport, MA & beyond. For your home or business consultation, call today! 978-388-0935

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