Summer is the perfect time to maintain your lawns and make them look the best. Also, this is the time when the lawns wear out due to temperature and drought. Furthermore, the increasing traffic can also damage the weeds and flowers, destroying the view. Warm weather welcomes insects to linger on your lawn, destroying the beauty. But, how can you maintain the beauty of your lawn? Below, we will share some amazing tips to maintain your lawn’s health in the summer season:

Keep Your Grass Longer

Longer grass means longer roots. This means your grass can reach out to moist soil deep in the soil. When the plants have access to more water, they will flourish despite hot and dry weather. Therefore, keep a higher setting while mowing the grass. However, when you mow the grass too short, harmful elements can easily cause damage—resulting in your grass reaching a point where it cannot recover.

Feed Your Lawn

If you want to keep your lawn healthy, you need to provide your plants with a complete source of food. You can prevent your turf from burning by applying slow-release fertilizer. That way, the grass will receive sufficient nutrients. Microbes take six to eight weeks to process nutrients in the soil. When you regularly replenish the soil, the grass will grow thick, keeping the soil cool.

Take Care of Weeds

You need to work hard to remove the weeds from your lawn. You need to take care of the grass during the early phases by applying weed killer. Use a fork to pull off the weeds inside of manual extraction. If you notice an entire area affected, heavily spray weed killers.

Aerate Your Lawn

You need to let your lawn breathe. Aerating your lawn will help the soil absorb water. You can use a garden fork to aerate the lawn. Push the garden fork deep into the soil after every one-foot interval. If you have a larger lawn, you can get an aerator to save your time and effort.

Try a New Variety of Grass

Do you want a healthy lawn? You need to grow different types of grass. This will help maintain the grass quality. Add new and healthy grass before the drought season. Changing the grass during drought will not make any difference. If your lawn is older, you need to maintain the condition of the lawn before adding new grass.


If you want more information about keeping your lawn attractive during summers, you can contact us and talk to experts. We will help you keep the lawn healthy and green. Furthermore, we will suggest the best tools and techniques you want to know to maintain your lawn.

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