Curb appeal is an essential element to make your home look attractive. Many people think that landscaping is all about making your lawn look beautiful. This isn’t entirely true. Many factors combine to enhance the aesthetic of your home. In simple words, landscaping includes the size and style of your home, sunlight exposure in the yard, and the number of trees, shrubs, bushes, and planting that surrounds your home. Hardscaping features include planters, raised beds, decorative containers, and walkways also enhance the view for the passerby. But, how can you make your home look more attractive using the front yard? If that is the question that brought you here, then you are at the right place. Here are some tips that will boost the beauty of your front yard to the next level:

Find Your Focus

Remember the focal point of your yard while landscaping. You cannot hide the focal point of the house. Typically, the focal point of the yard is the front door. Therefore, all your ideas should surround that point without overlapping. For instance, while planting trees, you need to keep in mind that your front door is the center of the frame. You cannot hide the door with trees.

Use Ground Covers

Choosing ground covers instead of grass is an attractive yet low-maintenance option. These covers are dense and lower to the ground. They will give a neat appearance without the need for regular maintenance. You can make the view more striking by adding spring bulbs in the yard. This will hide the dead leaves on the ground giving a perfect look to your landscape.

Set the Right Path

Many homeowners prefer installing a curved pathway towards the front door. However, choosing a meandering path may not look nice. It is an instinct to take a direct path to reach the destination. If you still want to reach your front door from the driveway using a twisty path, you can go for it. However, you need to keep the plants surrounding the pathway dense.

Consider the Light

North-facing homes usually block the sunlight from reaching your front yard. That way, the front yard won’t receive sufficient sunlight, negatively impacting your plant’s health. What you can do is choose the plants considering the orientation of your house. Select plants that do not require abundant sunlight to thrive.


You need to keep your landscape simple, as crowding the front yard will reduce the importance of your focal point. Whether you are designing your yard for the first time or a master gardener, seek a professional’s help for a recommendation, tips, and solution for the problems. You can give us a call and share your ideas. Our landscapers will create a landscaping plan to making your task easier. By talking with our experts, you can make clear and informed decisions.

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