The outdoor space with your home is just as important as the inside, but do you treat it the same? If you’re like most people, you’ve probably neglected your outdoor space and let it become outdated or rundown instead of using it as a second living space. Hardscaping is a type of outdoor design that has been gaining popularity. Checkout these hardscaping trends that could help you transform your space in 2020, from the professionals at GCS Services! 


Creating an artistic pathway in your outdoor space is a great way to create structure and bring your personal style to the space. Pathways can be made using paving stones, tile, and even stamped concrete. Some people even place seashells or glass along the edge of a pathway for extra flair on a seaside property! Create a pathway from the deck to the pool, gazebo, or firepit. Not only do pathways look good, they keep your grass looking good too, thanks to reduced foot traffic. 

Outdoor Kitchens 

If you want to use your outdoor space for entertaining, an outdoor kitchen is an investment worth making! Outdoor kitchens are just like an indoor kitchen, but even more versatile. Instead of traditional kitchen appliances you can opt for a smoker, woodburning stove, grill, and more! Add a small fridge for drinks and condiments to climate the need for running inside every time you need something. The counters, flooring, and cabinetry can be made using a variety of materials to add a little extra flair to your hardscaping. 

Fire Pit Patios

Firepits are the perfect place to gather with friends or family to reconnect in a casual environment. You can choose from either a permanently fixed gas firepit or a portable wood burning firepit. Your choice will likely depend on where you live and what local laws require. Gas fireplaces can be used close to other structures since there is no smoke or sparks that could be a fire hazard. If you decide to use a wood burning firepit, you can still use patio stones and other hardscaping features to add more style to the piece. 

If you are near Newburyport, MA and need help to upgrade your outdoor space or you’re unsure what hardscaping options are right for you, contact the professional hardscaping team at GCS Services! We are happy to asses the space you have to work with and work within your desired budget to bring you the outdoor living space of your dreams. Give us a call today at 978-388-0935.

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