The winter season can really take a toll on your yard, making what was one bright and fresh appear dull and unappealing. Spring/Summer is the perfect time to restore beauty and life to your yard. You might have to be willing to get dirty, perform some manual labor and try something new. There are simple things that you can do to make your yard look great for spring, from rehabilitating your lawn to planting a few trees. Here are some useful tips that you can use to revive your yard.

Start the Clean-up

You may have noticed that during the course of the winter months that your lawn was accumulating debris, leaves and dead grass. One of the easiest ways to remedy this issue is with an old-fashioned rake. Be sure to rake when it’s dry in order to avoid tearing the grass from its roots. Dead foliage can smother plants and create a breeding ground for disease.

Removes existing mulch and prepare to add a new layer when you have completed your spring planting. Pick up tree branches and check on irrigation lines.

Prepare Your Deck

The deck is commonly a popular outdoor entertainment spot. You want to inspect the structure of the deck for any issues that could be a safety hazard and repair them. Handrails might have come loose, along with deck boards. Clean the deck’s surface of your deck and add a fresh coat of paint or sealant as needed to restore some luster to your deck.

Revive Lawn

The cold weather may have done some damage to your lawn, such as causing erosion and create patches. You can revive your lawn is to reseed it, patches that have sustained damage over the winter included. Adequately water the seeded area and avoid any traffic in that space until the new growth has strongly emerged. You can also fertilize your lawn to restore lost nutrients and a healthy balance to your lawn. It best to test your soil’s pH before applying fertilizer.

Tidy Up Hardscape Surfaces


Gravel may have been blown from exposed aggregate walkways and patios, and come spring, you want to refill the depressions or joints between flagstones created from the gravel escape. You can simply sweep in new sand or stone dust and use water to set it. Replace the base material of heaved pavers that have been shifted out of place. A pressure washer can be used to remove slippery algae spots or leaf stains from your patios and walkways that have lost their original tone.

You don’t have to remain stuck with a dingy yard after the winter season has passed. Spring is just the right time to spruce thing up. When in doubt, call GCS Services Inc to help you restore your yard’s beauty and prepare it for the warm months ahead.

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