With winter coming up quickly, you’ve probably already taken care of a lot of your home’s cold-weather preparations. However, there’s one area of your home that you might not have considered. Landscaping may often be associated with the warmer months, but taking care of your lawn and garden during the winter months is also a good idea. Here are a few things you should consider when thinking about winter landscaping. 

Snow Removal 

If you live in an area that sees a lot of snowfall each winter, you already know how important it is to clear that snow away. Pay particular attention to your driveway; when you clear away the snow, make sure to get as much as you can. Anything left there may melt in the sunlight or warmer temperatures and then refreeze overnight. This could create a layer of dangerous ice on your driveway, which could make your entrance and exit difficult. 

Hardscape Matters

Your hardscape, i.e. non-plant decorative items, is going to be your best friend during the winter. During the autumn months, trees lose their leaves and you’ll be left without much color to brighten up your yard. In fact, your landscaping could look pretty plain without flowers and greenery. To boost your home’s winter aesthetics, consider adding more hardscape options – benches, arches, sculptures, a trellis – all of these items will stay sturdy during the winter. 

Winter Plants

If you’re used to flowers and other spring and summertime plants, winter could seem especially dreary. But don’t forget that there are several great options for bringing nature back to your garden, even during the cold. Evergreens are hardy plants that, as the name implies, stay green all year round. They will blend in seamlessly with your normal landscape during warm seasons and will transition smoothly to winter without losing color or life. Another good option to introduce to your current landscaping is berry-bearing trees or bushes. Holly and even crabapples will keep their fruit all season long. Look for plants with bright reds or oranges, since these will stand out well against the white of snow. 

Beautifying your landscape in winter can be a challenge, but it is not impossible. As you prepare for the cold weather to come, remember to clear up snow, decorate with non-plant items, and introduce some winter-ready plants to your yard. If you need some help, contact a professional landscaper like GCS Outdoors for tips and help with your specific needs. 

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