With Spring nearby, it’s time to get started with some gardening! One of the first things you should prioritize for a healthy longevity landscape is adding mulch. When it comes to adding mulch, timing is everything. Mulch gives your soil the organic nutrients it needs while maintaining a consistent soil temperature. Depending on what your objective is with your landscape there are different options with a mixture of materials you can choose from. 

When Should I add Mulch?

The best time to add mulch for the best results is Spring because, during the Fall and Winter, harsh weather decreases the effectiveness of the nutrients that’s why Spring is the perfect time to re-apply your mulch.

How Should I add Mulch?

If you already have existing mulch you do not need to remove them. Layers should between 3-4 inches deep, any thicker than that will limit any air circulating through the mulch which dehydrates your plants. A pro tip, keep 2-3 inches of space from the base to avoid any suffocation. 

Get Mulching!

Mulching can be fun but also a tedious process, and depending on the size of your yard, it could take up to a couple of days to fully complete adding mulch. If you are in need of upkeep, consider hiring GCS Outdoors to get the job done right, we understand time is valuable for our clients therefore, we want to ensure you can ease off and focus on other important tasks you have to tackle and let us professionals get done to work. 

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