Irrigation in the winterNew England weather in the winter can be brutal. Beginning around late October, the first snows set in and run through until March, typically letting up finally in April. Average temperatures range from 19°F to 37°F during this time. When preparing for such weather in New England, one often overlooked step is winterizing irrigation systems, whether it’s in your yard or commercial property.

If your irrigation system goes unprotected in the winter, a freeze-over can cause significant damage and require considerable, costly repairs. Though it can be easy to forget such a step with so much else going on around this time of year, the extra expense of having to fix a frozen irrigation system should not have to be another thing to deal with during the holidays. 

All systems should be winterized with a manual or automatic drain job performed to ensure the system remains in top working condition before spring hits. Here are a few reasons why winterizing your irrigation is important:

•    Frozen irrigation systems cause damage. We all know that water freezes at 32°F. And when water freezes, it expands. Given the winter climate in New Hampshire, any water leftover on your irrigation system can damage your sprinklers, valves, pipes, pumps, fittings, and cause other parts to break and burst. A backup could even flood your basement. Drain your system of all water to ensure its future working condition.
•    Damage could be a liability to your insurance and warranty. Also known as a “blow out,” winterizing your irrigation system could prevent you from having to deal with insurance troubles. Some systems even specifically require this process to be done every winter. Many irrigation services can void their labor and parts warranty altogether if you neglect to do so.
•     Save time and money with winterization. The damage done to your irrigation system when it freezes over will not only cause you insurance and warranty troubles, but you’ll still have to get it fixed eventually. The cost of replacing or repairing will amount to much more than the cost to have it winterized. The average price of a new irrigation system is roughly $5,000. On top of that, it would be a timely inconvenience to have to go through the hassle of replacing and repairing. 

An irrigation system is an important investment and helps to maintain your property’s health and aesthetic throughout the year, so protecting that investment is worth the price of winterization. If you want professional assistance to winterize your irrigation system, the specialists at GCS Services, Inc. are experienced and knowledgeable in keeping your irrigation system maintained all year round. For information about our services in Newbury, Newburyport, or Exeter, NH, get in touch for a free consultation at 978-388-0935.  

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