With the hot days of summer in full swing, homeowners & businesses are noticing their grass that was lusciously green just a few weeks ago is now burning to a crisp. A dried out landscape is not a good look for the exterior of a home or business location, but it is easily fixable! Unlike watering alternatives, irrigation systems can save time & keep grass green for longer than just those rainy spring weeks. 

Attaching a store bought sprinkler to your hose involves more daily maintenance for you, and it will not effectively water your entire landscape. You have to remember to turn the tap on at the right time of day, and forgetting to turn it off wastes water and could potentially flood your yard. Depending on the layout and size of your landscape, you might have to move the sprinkler around the property, and could still end up taking time to water bushes & plants separately. If placed incorrectly, water will end up on the sidewalk instead of the grass! An in ground irrigation system makes watering mindless, providing you with the ability to schedule when the sprinklers turn on and off. 

Along with the potential for watering unnecessary places and wasting water, over watering can lead to poor nutrition in your landscape – An excess of water will lead to plants absorbing water instead of essential nutrients from soil. This will lead to poor plant health even after the floods have dried. At worst, too much water can even open up your lawn to disease such as rot, mildew, or fungus! 

Preserving your green grass & healthy landscape will allow you to spend more time enjoying your outdoor space this summer and will boost the aesthetic of your home. A professional lansdscape service will not only install your new irrigation system, but also provide you with recommendations for your new watering schedule according to the state of your lawn. For residential or commercial irrigation work around the MA North Shore, contact GCS Services today! 

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