Who says that the grass is always greener on the other side? If you follow these five tips, you will have a lawn that will make you happy and impress your neighbors. Follow the simple tips mentioned below to make your grass lush green

1.    Cut Your Grass Little and Often

Avoid Over-stressing the grass to ensure an impeccable look. Moderate mowing rather than one major cut is much better for your grass as it puts less stress on your lawn. Changing mowing patterns on a regular basis is also very important to ensure that the grass stems are properly taken care of. You should never cut the grass more than five centimeters at a time. Leaving the grass longer in the summer is also very important as it ensures that the grass can retain moisture and maintain a greener look.

2.    Fertilize Your Lawn the Right Way

To avoid the stress brought on by mowing, make sure you fertilize it frequently. As soon as the spring hits, aim to fertilize your grass every thirty to forty days. There are many options in the market when it comes to grass fertilizers. A mineral-based mixture comprising phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen is best because it promotes growth and ensures that the roots of your grass get an adequate supply of water.

3.    Water Every Day

Though mowing and fertilization are very important, irrigation is the key to achieving a lush look on your lawn. Your grass needs water to sustain and grow, and therefore you should ensure an adequate supply of water. Rather than flooding your lawn once or twice a week, make sure you lightly water it every day during the summer season. This will help your grass retain its moisture and maintain a beautiful green look.

4.    Protect it Against Weeds

Weeds are the enemy of your grass because they fight for nutrients, and if they grow too tall, they can rob the grass of the vital sunlight supply. To remove weeds from your lawn, you can use a hand scarifier. It will not only remove the present weeds but will also stop them from growing back again.

5.    Scarify it

Roots need air to grow strong and healthy. In order to achieve that, you first need to scarify them. Using a good scarifier will make it easier to clear the lawn of the grass cuttings, debris, and dead leaves and give it back the vital breathing space needed to regenerate.


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